Friday, October 3, 2008

Final Cut RUMORS

According to Jonathan Bomboulie of the [WB] Penguins Insider yesterday, it seems "the rumor out of Sweden" is that Janne Pesonen will not have an NHL roster spot because Bissonnette and Bill Thomas will both have beaten him out for the 2 remaining spots open on the 4th line.


Unless by Sweden Bomboulie means Stan Savran (see my previous post), I don't see how this is at all possible!! Here are the facts:

  1. I have yet to hear anything about Bill Thomas
  2. Paul Bissonnette was originally scratched from the Jokerit game until Petr Sykora was out of the lineup with a sore groin.
  3. Janne Pesonen was the one who replaced Petr Sykora on the second line (Bissonnette REPLACED Pesonen on the 4th line); the coaches obviously wanted to see how Pesonen worked with one of the two top lines (I don't remember them putting Bissonnette or Thomas on either of those lines to see what they looked like).
  4. How many interviews has the media done with Bissonnette or Thomas -- AND PESI?
  5. Pessi has scored 1 goal and has 2 assists in 4 games (3 points in 4 games - not bad)
  6. And one big one (that I keep mentioning but no one seems to be listening to me), the team usually doesn't carry 3 goalies on a roster, so John Curry still needs to be "cut!"

My point has been made (I can go on but I'll spare everyone)!!

Even though I wouldn't mind seeing Bissonnette knock the living crap out of players on the ice and I would like to see another hometown guy on our team, I still feel they'd be crazy to keep either him (mediocre enforcer) or Thomas (average forward) over Pesi (one of Finland's top hockey players and the leading scorer in the Finnish Elite League; he wears a GOLD HELMET for cripes sake)!! He's proven with more time on the ice, he can keep up with NHL play even with the size difference of the ice. But I suppose stranger things have happened (I KNOW enough not to say never)!!


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