Wednesday, October 8, 2008

That's So MAF (the musings of a Penguins goalie)!

OK - so what the hell is Fleury smiling at in this picture? Granted, someone is taking his picture and the normal thing is usually to smile, but this looks like a pretty informal picture of the guys waiting to board the plane to head back to the States and the rest of them don't look nearly as amused. Letang looks like he's texting someone and not even aware a picture is being taken (or just doesn't care -- maybe he's still upset about the loss on Sunday), and then there's Orpik who always looks like he isn't easily amused by much (but he is a kick-ass defenseman, so I guess that takes a lot of seriousness OR he still could be pissed at Potash for taking that one of him sleeping on the plane with his mouth wide open); I'm not quite sure who the other guy is -- I think it may be Godard who's looking like, "Potash, this is like the millionth picture you've taken - isn't that enough already?!" - all ready to go "Sean Penn" on his ass!

AND THEN THERE'S Fleury -- he has to be the happiest guy in the entire world! The kid is always smiling no matter what! The other thing I'm wondering is how he managed to get himself situated in front of Orpik -- I can just see it now:

[Potash is set to take the 3 guys picture while Fleury walks towards them to take a seat and notices]
FLEURY: "Oh goodie, another picture. Hold on Potash!"
[Fleury sees the perfect spot in front of Orpik and gets himself all settled]
FLEURY: "All set. CHEESE!"
Fleury and this picture make me laugh and makes me enjoy the Pens even more (we are so very lucky as fans to have such a close-knit bunch of young guys playing hockey in Pittsburgh)!!

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Life_As_A_Redhead said...

Fleury always makes me laugh.