Thursday, October 2, 2008

MR. KENNEDY - Kennedy!!

When you think of Tyler Kennedy, what comes to mind? For alot of fans, it's pro-wrestler Ken "Mr. Kennedy" Kennedy because of the montra he recites each time he steps into the ring (I'm certain all of you guys know what I'm talking about; and ladies, your boyfriends / husbands probably know what I'm talking about -- I know mine does)!!

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review is reporting that the pro-wrestler filmed a vignette late last season that's to be shown after Tyler Kennedy scores a goal at the Mellon Arena (BOY - do I hope I'm there at least ONE TIME that happens - I cannot wait to see it)! The pro-wrestler found out about the fans using his mantra for player Tyler Kennedy after reading an article in the TTR (it mentions that Tyler didn't catch on to what the fans were saying / why they were saying it until later).

So is Tyler Kennedy taking on the cult status now? I'd say he is if he has a pro-wrestler filming a short video to be played after he scores a goal! HOW COOL is that?!! Kennedy's response?

"I plan on scoring a goal again in the NHL," he said. "But I'm just not a guy that likes to be the center of attention."

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Kennedy is one of my favorite wrestlers.