Thursday, July 31, 2008

NEW Tyler Kennedy Message Board / Forum

I never realized that there was enough stuff on Tyler Kennedy to lend itself to his very own message board / forum, but someone else at thinks differently!! It's a whole forum devoted entirely to Kennedy (and the Pens)!!

There's not much going on there yet, but hopefully there will be soon (or maybe not). Maybe I should let them borrow a few of my Kennedy posts, "here's a topic - Tyler Kennedy; talk amongst yourselves ..."

[The Pensblog posted the site courtesy of a reader]

1 comment:

Tyler Kennedy Staff said...

Hi im the owner of My name is Bill. I would like to thank you for making a post like this. Yes I know we our a new site like you stated and just little things like this will help us get started. So again thanks for just mentioning us we our trying to become a good site for an upcoming star in the NHL.