Wednesday, July 30, 2008

WISE Suggestion Made by TSCSF Commentor!

After my first post about the Pittsburgh Casino on July 27th, "Penguins Fans Experiencing Roller Coaster Ride with Casino License," I received a comment from Mark Rauterkus who posted the following:

Call it a slots parlor, not a casino -- and -- move it into the Convention Center. Sell the convention center as soon as possible to the license holder. The convention center costs the public too much money, will never be used well, and we don't have the flights to town to hold any events -- as it was designed.The convention center is built and could hold conventions and slots.

This idea could actually be a possibility according to the article posted in The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette this morning:
Not only does Mr. Ferlo want the board to rebid the license, he also believes it should give some company the right to open a temporary casino to get slots revenue rolling in while the fate of the North Shore venue is decided.

With casinos statewide generating $136.1 million in gross terminal revenue in July alone, Pittsburgh should be getting a cut of the action, he said.

Potential locations for a temporary facility could be the David L. Lawrence Convention Center or the boarded-up Boardwalk entertainment complex in the Strip District, he said.
Nice call, Mark!

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