Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hossa is a PERFECT FIT!!

Rob Rossi recently posted this very inciteful comment from an unnamed agent:

The more I think about it, Detroit truly is a better fit for Hossa and not because the speed of the team (I was never sold on the idea that he belonged in Pittsburgh; I never thought he was a "Penguin"), but he'll definitely be a great addition to Detroit's "Arrogance on Ice" show. Who wouldn't want to see Hossa become one of the many rising stars of the show? I know I'm going to be first in line when tickets go on sale!

I already loathed Detroit, but I'm hating them (or should I say Hossa) more by the minute!!


hharding said...

Quit your flipping whining. Believe me there are going to be Wings fans not happy about this deal either. Arrogance on Ice? How are the Wings arrogant? Your PISSING and MOANING is souring a fantastic finals.

Mikoyan said...

I bet you hate them even more since they stole the Cup that the league was ready to hand to Sid the Brat.