Sunday, July 20, 2008

Join the MOVEMENT!!


In light of Smizik's article in today's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, "Knuckleheads can't wait to boo 'traitor' Hossa," I feel compelled to do something, so I've decided to start the "Pens Fans KNUCKLEHEAD Badge of Honor" movement!! I can't do this alone and feel that we must all join together as a Pens Fans NATION!!

Wouldn't it be AWESOME for every Pens fan to wear a "KNUCKLEHEAD" button (a.k.a. Badge of Honor") at the February 8th Red Wings game and join together to "BOO" Hossa?! I think it would be hilarious and an appropriate way to welcome him back to the Mellon Arena (and put Smizik in his place)!! OR even if some of us that won't be able to get tickets to the game (because I realize it will be tough), wear the "badge" and have others ask what it's all about so we can explain what an ASS Smizik is!!


I have already designed the buttons (I'm calling them Badges of Honor because, as Pens fans, we should be proud to be who we are no matter what Smizik OR Cook write about us or how much they bash us) and have posted them on a special Cafe Press store (an idea I borrowed from the Pensblog, no doubt)!

I would also like to mention that I WILL NOT profit from this idea in ANY way, but rather, want to donate ALL PROCEEDS to the Mario Lemiuex Foundation!! So this movement will not only allow us as ONE PENS NATION to dismiss Smizik and let Hossa know what we think of him, but we'll also be helping a good cause!!

I am hoping that I can count on all Pens Fans with my idea!


Eric K said...

I wonder if Bobby realizes that without us "knuckleheads", he wouldn't have a job.

I took part in the hate mail frenzy directed at Smizik, reminding him that before he bashes Penguins fans for such an absurd reason, maybe he should remember who provides his paycheck by buying the Post-Gazette.

Great idea on the badges!

Pippi said...

I love the idea on badges. However, instead of simply booing Hossa whenever he is in town, I would suggest that we do something more creative. In my opinion, some sarcastic signs such as "Thanks for the motivation", "Your leaving made us 1000 times hungrier and stronger" and some chants along the same line would be more effective than booing. The thing is, Hossa expects to be booed when he is back in town. He is somewhat feeling guilty of leaving and he would feel he pays his debt to Pittsburgh by being booed so he owes nothing anymore. Why give him the satisfaction? Why not let him keep feeling guilty? We would "praise" him in a way that makes him surprised, confused, and begin to wonder about certain things. Don't give him the motivation to play well! Be smart, people!