Thursday, July 2, 2009

Who is Mike Rupp?

Rupp is an American-born hockey player hailing from Cleveland, OH (and spends his summers in Saegertown, PA - 100 miles north of Pittsburgh).
"It is ironic. It wasn't planned that way, but it is obviously a bonus," Rupp told me. "That organization is on top of the hockey world and built to have a good chance at staying there. I want to be part of that team and contribute to that team."
Rupp was originally drafted in the first round by the NY Islanders (9th overall) in the 1998 NHL Entry draft, but remained unsigned and playing in the OHL; he returned to the NHL Entry Draft in 2000 in which NJ Devils made him their third-round pick (76th overall).

He's a winger that is versatile according to Pittsburgh and brings experience as well as having a Stanley Cup win under his belt (with NJ in 2003 -- according to Fire & Ice blog, he scored the Stanley Cup-winning goal for them). He's a physical player not unlike Godard which would lead us to wonder about Godard's future with the Pens.
"From my talks with them, they're looking at me as a versatile player who can add a different element to the game," Rupp said. "I going to make it difficult to play against me, finish my checks, play physical and be used whatever way they want to use me."
According to The Star-Ledger, the Penguins were pretty aggressive in their pursuit of Rupp which impressed him and made him want to be a part of the Penguins.

He has a wife (Christie), daughter (Madeline) and son (Mason). His son is a huge Pens fan (and from what I've read from Rob Rossi, he would wear a Malkin's jersey to the Devils' games)!

Other intersting tidbits: Rupp is close friends with Tiger Woods who admitted to losing a round of golf to Rupp a few years ago!


Kylie said...

He's no Eric Godard, I'll tell you that right now.

Stephanie said...

@Kylie -- I do agree with you! I'm not sure what the thinking is with this and I would rather keep Godard (he's an awesome enforcer!)!! This free agency is similar to last year (too much flip-flopping of similar players) -- believe me, I can sympathize with you because I went through it when they let Ruutu leave!!!