Friday, July 17, 2009

NEXT UP: Rob Scuderi's Day with the Cup (TODAY)!!!

THANKS to PSAMP blog for the tip on this one!!!!

Scuderi has the Cup on Long Island today (RIGHT NOW, according to PSAMP!)!!! Supposedly, PSAMP will have pics up at 1 PM.

Check back (I'll do some more researching myself)!! Considering the source, I wouldn't be surprised if this turns out to be a prank on me by PSAMP (but it's all good - I can take a joke like the best of them!)!!! ; ) GOT PROOF!!! Check back AFTER 1 (or visit psamp) to see the exclusive pics from psamp (THANKS again)!!!

Anyone wanting to share dates / pics / info they have on the whereabouts of the Cup would be APPRECIATED GREATLY (and will get props -- TSCSF prides itself for giving proper credit where / when it's due!)!!!!

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tecmo said...

No joke. Here's a teaser, just for you, before the post goes up at 1

Scuds with Cup