Thursday, July 2, 2009

UFA Updates (AGAIN - All Day Long!)

Could this be a busy day for the Pens? We still have quite a few players needing to make decisions including Fedotenko, Scuderi, and Sykora!

THIS IS ALL SPECULATION at this point (unless otherwise noted "CONFIRMED"):

JULY 2nd

  • [UPDATE 6:40 PM] Rossi saying that it doesn't look good for getting Fedotenko back
  • [UPDATE 5:50 PM] CONFIRMED - Scuderi's deal with the Kings: $13.6 million / 4 years
  • [UPDATE 5:30 PM] Fedotenko not close to a decision; will we drag this out another day??
  • [UPDATE 4:25 PM] Now that Scuderi is gone, the Pens are being aggressive with signing Fedotenko and gave him another offer increasing the amount; Fedotenko has several offers on the table from various teams and TIOPS says that the Penguins expect a decision sometime today
  • [UPDATE 3:30 PM] CONFIRMED - Word is that Scuderi has signed with the LA Kings; checking other sources for confirmation; ROSSI: "Rob Scuderi has agreed to terms with the Los Angeles Kings, he confirms via text."
  • [UPDATE 2:15 PM] Rossi says that the Kings are offering Scuderi above $3 million / year for a long-term deal; a teammate of his is wondering what he's waiting for and Rossi interjects that the Pens really can't afford to pay anyone $3 million / year (puzzling)
  • [UPDATE 2:00 PM] Rossi reporting that LA is in the mix for Scuderi and I also heard that Scuderi isn't planning on making a decision until sometime tomorrow (who knows if this is true and how long will this drag out? I'm BORED already!)
  • [UPDATE 1:20 PM] There's speculation by TIOPS that the Pens offered Scuderi $8.2 million / 4 years
  • [UPDATE 1:15 PM] Supposedly the Dallas Stars made the highest offer to Scuderi, but lucky for us they're not in the running!!
  • [UPDATE 12:50 PM] According to Rossi, the Pens "are not willing to go much above $2 million annual average salary, but they would consider going that high on a four- or five-year offer;" Rossi was told to expect something with Fedotenko and Sykora "soon," but as he points out, that could be a few hours!
  • [UPDATE 12:25 PM] Scuderi deal close? TIOPS is saying that the Pens are close to matching a deal offered to him and that Minnesota is considering pulling their offer and looking into cheaper options
  • [UPDATE 11:15 AM] no word on Fedotenko, but it still looks like Minnesota is the front-runner but it's not likely we'll hear a decision until Koivu's decision is made
  • [UPDATE 10:50 AM] It's awfully QUIET; moreso than I expected today!!! Nothing new to report!!
  • [UPDATE 9:05 AM] Rossi is reporting that Fedotenko is "close" to a decision and if he decides not to return that there's a possibility Sykora will sign a 1-year deal with a no-movement clause with the Penguins
  • [UPDATE 9:00 AM] TIOPS is saying that teammates are not making it easy for Scuderi to decide not to come back to the Penguins (as the roles have now reversed from last year when Scuderi was texting Orpik to convince him to stay in Pittsburgh); Scuderi is close to a decision which may be leaning towards Pittsburgh -- reported as being a 4-year deal; TIOPS is reporting that Scuderi's agent may try to talk them into a 5-year deal -- STAY TUNED!!
  • [UPDATE 5:55 AM] TIOPS is also reporting that Fedotenko's top choice is Minnesota, but plans are on hold until the Wild hear from Saku Koivu; it's believed that Minnesota offered Fedotenko a 3-year deal (even though they previously said that the team offering 4 years would probably win out)

JULY 1st

  • [UPDATE 11:50 PM] Rossi reported that from the impression he's getting from Letang and Gonchar, extensions will not easily reached for the Pens; Letang and Gonchar extensions remain top priority
  • [UPDATE 11:00 PM] TIOPS is reporting that the Penguins have tried to acquire David Moss, but Calgary has been pushing Curtis Glencross; they're showing interest in Godard and Dupuis
  • [UPDATE 11:00 PM] They've also mentioned that the Penguins offered "a veteran goalie" a 1-year / $685,000 (2-way deal) -- Weekes was mentioned earlier yesterday

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