Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Personal Thoughts on Sportsbeat's End

When John and I heard that "Sportsbeat" was being cancelled, we just couldn't believe it and wondered how they could end such a successful show and such a special part of Pittsburgh sports; so engrained in who alot of us are as fans -- 18 years is a long time to know something / someone.

A reader posted a comment yesterday that I truly appreciated and felt it was so relateable that I wanted to include it in a post in case it was overlooked by other readers. I think it really echoes the thoughts and feelings we all share as Pittsburgh sports fan and all of us that "Sportsbeat" reached. THANKS again Steelers#1Fan for sharing your thoughts!!
This is absolutly outrageous. I live in New Jersey and am the biggest Steelers fan I know. Stan meant alot to me, my family, and friends. From the press conferences and locker room interviews, to Sportsbeat and Monday nights with Tunch. This will forever be a show that has left a mark in my heart for the last 18 years. Love the show Stan...you were the best!
Really, what else needs to be said?!!

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