Friday, July 24, 2009

Next Up: Yeo Brings Cup to North Bay

Yeo got the Cup Wednesday night and took it to Sudbury restaurant, Respect is Burning, where a private dinner was held for the members of the restaurant's Club.

Thursday was his official day with the Cup making a few quick stops at MOOSE FM and Burgerworld then arriving at the Memorial Gardens complete with a police escort all before 9:00 AM. The event lasted fours hours with an estimated 5,000 - 10,000 fans waiting in line to see Yeo, get an autograph and a picture.
"It is exactly what I expected because I know hockey is so important to our community," said Yeo during his media scrum at 11:00 Thursday morning.

"North Bay is Hockeyville and it's a great hockey town ther are a lot of great younger players and a lot of great older players that have paved the way. There is a lot of tradition and pride in this city and I'm happy but not surprised because I know what a great hockey town North Bay is."

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