Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sportsbeat's Final Show to Air Monday

Yes, you read that right.

"Savran on Sportsbeat," the longest running Pittsburgh sports show, will air it's final show on Monday. Bob Smizak broke the news in his blog on Tuesday that Liberty Media, the parent company of FSN, made the decision to cancel the show.


As expected there was outrage, similar to mine, expressed by a huge number of fans, but just as it did for Mike Lange - the cries will be unanswered. I am shocked, disappointed, and just plain PISSED that they would even consider cancelling this show!!

Stan Savran, the show's host, is still in negotiations with FSN for an extension on his contract which is set to expire soon.
The final show will be a two hour-special commemorating it's end.

Guy Junker, Mike Lange, and NOW THIS - Stan Savran -- what is the [FSN] world coming to???!!!! Are they crazy?!!!! After the show pulled in record-number ratings, they're axing the show for financial reasons.

Bottom line, it all boils down to money and I don't buy that FSN is hurting and needs to cut back, but that they want to take more money in for themselves! It always seems that anytime big business takes over a small business (or, in this case, a nationally televised station takes over local broadcasts) that it doesn't have the best interest of the "little people" in mind and IT SUCKS!!!!!!!

If you feel so inclined as to express your opinion on this, Smizak posted the following information:

Liberty Media phone number to register complaints: 720-875-5400.

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excalibur466 said...

What in the world are you guys thinking there? Stan is the face of your channel. He is the reason i watch your network. Everynight during the steeler season my family and I turn on FSN to watch sportsbeat. I bought satellite just so i could get that show on your station. What ever reason you are thinking to let sportbeat go is going to backfire on you. You have a signature show that gets good ratings and has a nation wide fan base, and you let it go? sounds like to me whoever is making this decision should run for goverment office because its sounds like the stupid ideas they come up with.Please reconsider this decision. You have a good show, look for cutbacks and savings elsewhere. Because once stan savrans sportbeat and audience is gone, you will not get them back. I for one will not watch FSN without it. I will call dish network and cancel my sports package that gets FSN .