Friday, July 17, 2009

Next Up: Frank Buonmo and Jim Madigan's Day with the Cup

Well, we partially missed Buonomo's day with the Cup as we just found out that it was he and not Guerin who was parading the Cup in grocery store shopping cart!!!

Sunday, July 12th, was Buonomo's actual day with Lord Stanley where he made plans to take it to the local fire station in Upper St. Clair the day before.
"He (Buonomo) said he wanted to do this for us because we do so much for the community," said [Brad] Childs. "But he probably doesn't realize how much we appreciate him taking time out on such a beautiful day, and how many people this reached."
Jim Madigan (seen in the picture holding the Cup while another drinks from it), one of the Penguins amateur scouts, brought the Cup to his home in Milton, Massachusettes on Wednesday, July 15th, where more than 300 residence stood in line over 30 minutes to get a glimpse and their picture taken with the coveted NHL trophy.
"Our general manager Ray Shero wanted to make sure the whole organization got to have time with it, so it came to Milton for a 5-hour, 6-hour sojourn."


July 19th - Brooks Orpik (Boston College)
Ray Shero and Rob Scuderi have / had it, but I've been unable to find specific dates and information (when I do I'll be sure to post it here, so BE SURE TO CHECK BACK OFTEN!)!!!

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