Monday, July 27, 2009

Next Up: Cooke Family Enjoy the Cup in Belleville Despite Controversy

Matt Cooke made the decision to bring the Cup to Belleville on his day with Lord Stanley on Saturday, July 25th which angered some of the residents of Stirling (where Cooke played minor hockey and the mayor had apparently started making plans for a parade and other celebrations when the Penguins won -- without consulting Cooke first); however, it's HIS day with the Cup, HE earned it, so he should be able to do whatever he wants with it for that 24 hour period!!! And Cooke felt that it would get more exposure at King George Square in Belleville, so that's where he took the Cup.

Cooke and his family charged the 1,000 people who showed up at the A &P grocery store parking lot $5 for a personalized autographed photo with Cooke plus a photo with the Cup with the proceeds benefiting the Cooke family Foundation of Hope.

Other stops included the Northway Restaurant for lunch with his family and close friends. Then his son, Jackson, wanted to make a stop at Tim Hortons to fill the Cup with Timbits (donuts) and finally to A &W where his daughter, Reece, made a root beer float she drank from the Cup!!

"That was a big thrill for the kids and for Michelle and I too," he said. "It was great watching the kids have so much fun. The family time I spent with Michelle and the kids with the Cup is what I enjoyed the most."
pictures courtesy of HFBoards poster!!

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