Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Fitting Farewell to "Sportsbeat"

March 1991 - July 2009

It was an upbeat show considering it was the last one to air in the 18 years it has been coming into our living rooms bringing us the most accurate and complete Pittsburgh sports news from one of the most knowledgeable (and loved) hosts in all of Pittsburgh. The entire show was like a "who's who" in Sportsbeat history.

And just like that, the longest running sports show in Pittsburgh's history ended.

Here's a list of the people who made an appearance throughout (and a very brief rundown of) the show:

LC Greenewood
Dan Onorato
Phil Bourque
Mike White (PPG HS Sports Writer)
Gerry Dulac (PPG Golf Writer)
Curtis Aiken (FSN Pitt Basketball Analyst)

GUESTS on the set
Bob Walk (Pirates Color Analyst)
Greg Brown (Pirates Play-by-Play Announcer)
Kevin Colbert (Steelers Director of Football Operations)
Ken Sawyer (Penguins CEO)
Paul Steigerwald (Penguins Play-by-Play Announcer)
Frank Coonelly (Pirates President)
Tom Bradley (Penn State Defensive Coordinator)
Tunch Ilkin
Steve Pederson (Pitt Athletic Director)
Guy Junker

Steve Blass (former Pirates Announcer)
Eddie Olczyk
Beano Cook
Scorekeeper a.k.a Jim Krenn (WDVE) - came up with the catch phrase "love the show!"
Dave Wannstedt (Pitt Football Coach)

"Sportsbeat is / was Stan"
"... a part of me is dying tonight"

The show ends with a picture montage of "Sportsbeat" memories then Stan's collegues join together to say "thank you" and "goodbye" to the show; and Stan has the final word,

"For all of you who 'loved the show' at any point, I want you to know I loved it everyday for 18 years."

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akus said...


I watched Stan and Guy back in the old KBL days.

When Stan talked, the fans of Pittsburgh listened, and when the fans of Pittsburgh talked, Stan listened.

Moving away from Pittsburgh, he was my hometown link for sports.

I am glad we will still get to see him in some capacity with the Pirates and Pens, post game shows.

I will have to try and find the ESPN radio station online so maybe i can still listen to him.

Will always love the show.

His tears at the end showed how much that show meant to him and his viewers.

I was happy i finally thought i would see who Mr Monday Night was....