Saturday, July 4, 2009

UFA Update (Day #4)

ALL SPECULATION at this point (unless otherwise noted "CONFIRMED"):

  • [UPDATE 3:15 PM] CONFIRMED - THANKS to reader, Daniel, who pointed out that also lists Conner as a Penguin!
  • [UPDATE 1:15 PM] CONFIRMED - I originally found out about the signing through Tony of The Confluence blog who advised me he looked at the Pens roster!!! Pens did, indeed, sign Chris Conner!!
  • [UPDATE 12:30 PM] I read that the Pens have signed former Stars RW Chris Conner, but I can't find any other source to confirm this (more as I find it!)


Daniel said...

For what's it worth, the NHL website lists him as a Penguin:

Stephanie said...

@Daniel - THANKS for the link!! This one was "under the radar" today!!