Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Guerin Grocery Shopping WITH THE Cup!!!

I don't think I'll get an argument from many Pens fans when I say that Bill Guerin is a pretty cool guy and fits in well with the team.

And this is one of the reasons WHY he's so loved among Penguins fans (as well as his team)!!! Someone spotted Guerin at the Market District Giant Eagle in the South Hills on Saturday and snapped this cell shot and sent it in to WPXI (CORRECTION -- see updated post HERE!). It's not the fact that there's anything odd about catching him shopping at a grocery store, but what's unique is the fact that he took the Cup in with him and placed it in a shopping cart!! SEE FOR YOURSELF!!

This guy OOZES awesomeness!!!!!!

Prior to this picture making it rounds, a reader at posted this picture of Guerin beside someone in his car holding the Cup in his lap and reaching out to give him a "fist bump."

Although, I guess I'd be pretty happy too if I was traded from a losing team to the Pittsburgh Penguins, played on a line with Sid, and won the Stanley Cup - what a "Cinderella story" and it's well-deserved!!

YOU'RE AWESOME, BILL GUERIN and I hope you retire as a Penguin!!!!!


Life_As_A_Redhead said...

Ok, Bill Guerin, is officially one of the coolest men on the entire planet!!!!!

This whole thing is awesome.

Adesta said...

What a great guy

Stephanie said...

@Kena / @Adesta -- I know, he's the BEST (it's special when they enjoy interacting with the fans!)!!

pens87fan71 said...

OhMyGod I love Billy G!!! this is why i am sooooo getting his jersey this season! =]

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