Thursday, July 23, 2009

Some Contradiction as to the Date for Crosby

It looks as though alot of reports are surfacing that Sid will have the Cup on his birthday which is appropriate (so I apologize for my posting the information too early and getting the date incorrect).

Metro News Halifax is reporting that sources have told them that Crosby is planning to have the Cup on his 22nd birthday on August 7th, but an official announcement is forthcoming.
“Right now, the date is pretty much secured but it’s not being released,” said Mason, a family friend and a former coach of Crosby’s. “It will be announced possibly by the end of this week or the beginning of next week at the latest.”
Currently, I have Crosby's day with the Cup listed as August 19th and I wouldn't have posted it unless I came across that date on the internet (whether the date was actually stated in an article or I put facts from a number of articles together to come to a conclusion that this was the date).

But, I had a reader email me that the date is being reported on YAHOO! Sports as his birthday, August 7th.

I just wanted to make note of this on the blog so you don't think that I'm pulling dates out of thin air -- it appears to be some type of discrepency (and it could be a mistake on my part); however, YAHOO! does not give any sources or reasons as to why they report this is the date (and it does say "is expected to" which would imply this is not definite).

Is it August 7th or August 19th?? I guess we'll have to wait and see unless I get confirmation prior to these dates!!


Cat said...

Don't stress too much. They may have changed the date. Maybe he was originally to get it on the 19th and then the schedule worked out so he could get it on the 7th.
Of course now I want to take the 7th off and do a long weekend in Canada...

Stephanie said...

@Cat - THANKS for the support; I do appreciate my readers!!