Friday, July 17, 2009

Say It Ain't So, Sykie (Is it Really Goodbye for Him Too?)!!!

OK -- now that I got all that SC journey info out of the way (whew!) and speaking of saying goodbye and missing "former" Penguins players, there's an article from the Czech tabloid paper, Aha!, reporting that Petr Sykora will not be returning to the Penguins next season (among a few other interesting things!)!

THANKS to the message board and their valuable Russian / Czech translator, Tomas Jandik, we're able to find out some interesting information (below is only a part of it; to read the short translation and google translation, CLICK ON THE LINKS BELOW!)!! SHORT TRANSLATED INTERVIEW (by Tomas Jandik)

Q: Could you continue in Pittsburgh?

A: No. My agent talked to the management, and I won’t be back. When the coach does not want Sykora, nothing can be done.

Q: Could you say what happened between you and coach Bylsma that got you to be scratched?

A: It’s never a good thing when you are coached by a former teammate. On top of that, he used to be a player who drifted around as a fourth-liner. I was younger than him, played on the top line, scored goals, was the little star. Now the roles got reversed, and from the first moment I had a feeling that he let me ‘eat it.’ I honestly say that I have not had liked him even as a teammate. Which does not happen to me often…
[this puts an interesting spin on things, doesn't it? You knew there was something going on, but I never would've guessed THIS; and Bylsma, he never led on which is the professional thing to do, but just who do we believe? Maybe it just comes down to perspective and from the position Sykora is / was in, it doesn't look all that good. I must admit that I never really understood his being benched in the first place and wondered why it was necessary to do when there were other players having their own "slump" - he just appeared to be singled out and maybe he was, but we'll never know!]

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Cat said...

I don't know what the truth of the situation is, probably never will, but I do know that my heart goes out to Sykky because he must be really hurt to speak out like that. I will truly miss him and I hope he does go onto to show that he is still a top notch player, but he'll always be a Penguin to me.