Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"Happy" Free Agency Day!!


This is my LEAST FAVORITE day as a hockey fan because it's a day when we ultimately lose players we've come to know and love!!!

The Penguins were supposedly to continue negotiations with Scuderi, Gill, and Fedotenko; but they didn't reach agreements with any of the eight UFA yesterday, so they'll be testing free agency today (and more than likely be gone). TIOPS also reported that Shero is interested in offering a long-term deal to Gonchar ("is Shero's #1 priority this off-season").

There really isn't enough salary cap to keep Scuderi. According to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, the Penguins are committed to $51.2 million against the $56.8 million cap for next season, and Scuderi could command an annual salary near the $3.5 million that New Jersey reportedly has paid to re-sign defenseman Johnny Douay.

Yesterday, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's Dave Molinari reported that Zigomanis would not be returning due to the Penguins signing Craig Adams saying that "re-signing forward Craig Adams has guaranteed that the Penguins will not bring back checking-line center Mike Zigomanis for 2009-10."
Zigomanis' agent, Kurt Overhardt, said this afternoon that "I think it's a fait accompli" that he will not have any additional discussions with the Penguins about them retaining his client.
I would've honestly rather had Zigomanis back than Adams. I may be alone in my thinking, but his face-off skills did the Penguins alot of good before his shoulder surgery.

Other interesting news is from Bob Pompeani who's saying that the Penguins are "exploring long-term deal with Kris Letang." This is interesting considering the current salary cap.

TIOPS is also reporting that the Minnesota Wild are interested in BOTH Scuderi and Fedotenko.

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