Monday, July 20, 2009

HHOF Stanley Cup Journal (and Other Sources of Information)

For a complete account of this year's summer tour with the Penguins and the Stanley Cup, be sure to visit the Hockey Hall of Fame's "Stanley Cup Journal" which is a pretty cool way to learn all about where the Cup has been and with whom (and how the chose to celebrate with it)!!!

However, even the HHOF cannot compete with the list of dates and players that I work very hard on daily to keep updated and accurate!! The HHOF's journal only gives you dates and stories of where the Cup has already been, but TSCSF's list is from beginning to end (with a few dates / players missing here and there) -- from TK's July 3rd boat ride to the Cup's final day with Crosby at the end of August, you'll know the dates and the team member as soon as I learn of it (not when it's old news!)!!!

I now ask you kindly to PLEASE CREDIT TSCSF WITH A LINK if you choose to use the information contained on this site. I've come across a few readers who have taken it upon themselves to "steal" this list (even so far as to "copy and paste" it onto their site / blog) and I have personally contacted them to ask they provide credit or remove the information. Please understand, if I didn't work so hard on this list, I wouldn't be so adament about getting credit, but I'm sure you know from trying to find a list of dates elsewhere perhaps, that it's not an easy task to find (since there are no listings of this kind ANYWHERE!)!!! I did the work to provide the information to my readers who are as interested as I am in it and not so others can take my hard work and claim it as their own!! I appreciate your consideration. You can always contact me through posting a comment or emailing me at

Another great way to remember this summer's journey taken by the each Penguin with the Cup is the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review's upcoming book, "Summer with Stanley" which will give the behind-the-scenes story and pictures of where each team member took the Cup and how they celebrated. And I'm sure it'll be well worth the $19.95!! CLICK HERE to order your copy!
Follow Lord Stanley’s Cup on its travels with the Pittsburgh Penguins throughout the summer of 2009 with SUMMER WITH STANLEY – a commemorative book featuring glossy, full color photos and exclusive stories from the Pens’ and their Summer with Stanley.

Go behind the scenes with the Cup from the locker room, to the victory parade, to Canada, Russia and beyond. Get an insider’s view of hockey’s most coveted trophy and your Pittsburgh Penguins in Summer with Stanley.


akus said...

Stealers of the list, is not like keeper's of the Cup.

You do a great job and put in alot of work to seek information for your blog.

I have not run across any blogs that have copy and pasted the list, if i do.......i will commence jobbing :)

Cat said...

I'm sorry to hear people are stealing your hard work. That is total BS. Thanks for all your hard work on behalf of all of your readers!

Stephanie said...

THANKS for the support @akus and @Cat -- I was hoping my readers wouldn't think I was being silly, but it's very frustrating when I work so hard. I'm glad that it shows how much work I put into it because I do. I appreciate your posting!! Again - THANKS!! : )

Bill said...

I brought my two boys (6 and 4) to see the cup today. I have been following location and player dates on your site. They were thrilled.

We have a GREAT picture that we will cherish.

Thanks very much!!!