Sunday, January 17, 2010

You Say Pechurski, I Say Perchursky, But WHL Says Perchurskiy!!!

There's seems to be a little confusion as to the last name of the back-up for the back-up goalie for the Pens (for last night's game anyway), Alexander Pechursky ...

It started with Bob and Steigy ... Bob informing Steigy and all of Pens Nation that he actually wears #20, but that those jerseys were held up in Customs, so equipment manager Dana Heinze had to fix one of the jerseys he had. Then said that his name is actually spelled with a "y" and not an "i," so I did a little investigating.

It turns out that its spelled with BOTH according to the WHL and Tri-City Americans webpages!!!

Thus, Pechurskiy!!! I still don't know which one is correct, but it doesn't matter (for now anyway) because he's back in the WHL as of the end of last night's game!!!

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GhostWalker40 said...

Hopefully he'll get another chance in the NHL.

I think Curry is playing tomorrow, so if he tanks again, I think Curry should get the boot and Alex should get the backup role. He can't do any worse than Curry did the other night.