Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sykora Looking for a New Home

Yesterday, the Minnesota Wild placed former Pittsburgh Penguins winger Petr Sykora on waivers.

Prior to that, he had been a healthy scratch for several games and a big stink was made over that (READ HERE - scroll down towards the bottom, and HERE for the rest of that story).

I got to thinking ... could that be where Malkin's "magic" has gone? Should the Pens consider giving Sykora another chance to jump-start Malkin once again? I KNOW ... he was on fire last night recording his 5th hat trick, but can he keep it going (did you notice he didn't look too happy or excited after all that yesterday?)? I am FAR from a Malkin doubter (and I DO most certainly #believeingeno!), but you must admit that Sykora and Malkin were magical on the ice and sometimes its just a matter of having the right players on the right team / line (Sykora may be unproductive and mediocre in Minnesota, but something spectacular in Pittsburgh).

Now I realize that signing him again is probably a long-shot, but I just wanted to get my thoughts out there to see what other fans think. Sykora may be bit of a "prima dona" at times, but he did fit with the Penguins quite nicely and there's no denying that he and Malkin brought out the best in each other!! And with Talbot and Dupuis leaving the game with injuries (and possibly questionable for the immediate future, it would seem that Sykora may be a good fit once again ... I mean, the timing and circumstances look right although the big issue would be the cap!).

Interesting and fun to consider; however, most unlikely!!

Sykora has until 11 AM today to clear waivers or his future remains uncertain. From the Star Tribune:

Sykora's contract has a European assignment clause in it that allows him to return overseas if things don't work out in Minnesota. However, both parties must mutually agree to that, and right now, there's no deal worked out in Europe.

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