Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pens Win Even Though They Waited Until the Last Seconds!!

Flyers - 10; Pens - 5
PIM: Flyers - 13 ; Pens - 17 (30 total PIM)
9 power plays (it's really been a "free-for-all")

LOTS of action from the start, but the action is mostly penalties which isn't allowing the Pens to play their game. The game is like a tennis match of penalties - not good.

Carter scores early for Philly and it's followed shortly after with a Philly power play; Hartnell runs into Brent Johnson and gets a penalty as the fans cry "asshole!" whatever ... Pens come up empty-handed which leaves a few seconds left on the Flyers power play, but Staal decides the Pens should do more penalty-killing so he skates off into the box leaving the Flyers with 40 seconds of 5-on-3 [rolls eyes] ... Flyers felt that was just too generous of the Pens, so they get another penalty for a little over a minute of 4-on-4.

Goal scored by Richards is called off (THANK YOU, JESUS) due to a penalty prior to the goal (Gagne can't help himself anymore and just pulls Malkin into a full embrace, but Malkin isn't havin' it). Pens end up getting a man-advantage and only trailing by one (not 2) out of that little display of affection.

Gonchar scores on the power play to tie the score at 1, but it's been too long since one of the boys has been in the box, so Cooke decides to start yappin' at Carcillo who hasn't been having much of his 'goon tendencies' lately, so Cooke gets escorted to the box.

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Letang can't take the BS of Guerin and a few other team mates taking hits anymore and starts a fight with Powe!

Quote of the game: "too cute" - FEE-FEE McGuire (WTF??!!!!!); is it possible I could hate him more than Steigy --- YES!!!
My thoughts: I still HATE afternoon games AND un-goon-like Philly team!!!
Pens passing up opportunities.

Flyers -5; Pens -11
PIM: Flyers - 2; Pens - 2 (much more disciplined this period)

Nothing much in the first few minutes of this period - pretty quick moving between both ends. Johnson has a nice save. The Pens had a few opportunities, but didn't cash in - still not playing too badly.

Gagne takes a penalty giving the Pens a power play opportunity, but without goal --- the last seconds of the period tick down until Rupp gets a penalty for his hit on Richards (elbow). A power play heading into the third on fresh ice - not good -- COME ON, Pens!!

FUN FACT of the period: Bylsma likes Crosby-Richards matchup (which surprises McGuire) Sounds of the game (Carcillo LOVES Billy G's stache!): LISTEN HERE

Flyers - 13; Pens - 6

Pens kill the penalty but decide they want to do it again and Go-go takes one for his hit on Briere. Luckily they killed that one too (at least they're increasing their penalty-killing percentage).

Hartnell puts a hard hit on Malkin which causes each team to converge to make a huge pile of flying fists and Hartnell's hair ... ends up even (Hartnell gets away with nothing and Malkin ends up sitting in the box with Cooke; Asham and Powe for the Flyers) - 4-on-4. Nothing for either team.

Nice pad save by Johnson; Crosby has a nice opportunity and takes a shot while the whistle blows calling him off-sides -- BS!! Johnson stops Richards again on a 2-on-1 opportunity with a pass from Hartnell, but another freaking penalty is called on the Pens. Soon after, refs call an "even-up" penalty on the Flyers - still no goals scored.

The Pens get another chance with a man-advantage with Timonen taking a penalty -- lots of nice chances and a few loose pucks down to the Pens end ... Gonchar finally shoots the puck which appears to be tipped in by Cooke's stick between Emery's legs - NICE!!! SUCK IT, Timonen / Flyers Pens leading with a little over 90 seconds to go in the game.

The game doesn't end without ANOTHER penalty being called on the Pens. Flyers have two-man advantage after pulling their goalie for the power play, but end the game without scoring --- PENS WIN, BITCHES!!!

Observations of the game: this wasn't even a game ... they couldn't play with all the penalties being called (mostly on the Pens). But a win is a win no matter what!! Oh, and I guess "Crosby sucks!" ; P




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