Friday, January 29, 2010

Here We Go Again ... Conner, Johnson Re-Assigned

The Penguins announced earlier this morning that they re-assigned Chris Conner and Nick Johnson back to the WB / S Baby Pens.

Although THANKS to a really kind fan who posted a comment in my last "rant" about the poor AHL guys going back and forth so much ... I understand a little more why this goes on (and makes more sense to me now).

Just in case some of you aren't aware of the reasoning, like I wasn't and didn't catch the comment ... I'll post the kind commentors explanation for you here (THANKS "cjb1640!!"):

They cannot keep the AHL players up at the NHL level for periods longer than necessary due to salary cap restrictions. The longer the young guys are up here the more pay they collect at the NHL level and that counts against the cap. So if we send them down for 2 days we save a fraction of the $500,000 league minimum salary. Those pennies add up!
Makes complete sense now, right?!! And like Pompeani joked last night on "KDKA Sports Call" ... "hope they have EZPass!" Bob also mentioned about just having them play for the Wheeling Nailers (since it's closer for them to go back and forth) because hockey is hockey no matter where you play. Not a bad idea ... I mean, if you knew you were going to called up with the big dogs again, wouldn't you play / hang around Wheeling for a game or two?!!!

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Daniel said...

I wonder if the team couldn't officially reassign them to WB/S but still have them travel with the Pens in this sort of situation. That way these two could be "called up" at the last minute to fill gaps left by those game-time decisions.

Not on a long term basis, mind you (they need to play hockey at some point!), but in these specific circumstances.