Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pens WIN Stanley Cup Final Rematch

Wings - 6; Pens - 16

The crowd sounds electric from the get-go. Pens spending alot of time in the Red Wings end which is a good way to start off the game. Nice try for Letang on his knees - looking like his captain there. First penalty of the game against Detroit giving the Pens a man-advantage. The power play is looking a little lacking, but thats really nothing new. A few good chances, but nothing comes out of the Pens first power play.

More than halfway through the period, the Pens get another chance at the power play. Lots of good tries, but again, they come out of the man-advantage empty-handed. Detroit gets their chance towards the end of the period with a man-advantage - the Pens kill it even with Staalsy getting an opportunity for a "shortie." We head into the intermission scoreless.

Commercial of the first intermission (TIE): I'm not a big fan of the Craps, the Cryers, Ovi, or Greenie, but the Verizon and new Geico commercials - LOVE them!!

Wings - 5; Pens - 13

Lots of action ... penalty taken by the Pens (even though the bridge of Staal's nose is bleeding) and Detroit will be the first to have a man-advantage of the period whihc the Pens kill again will a few short-handed opportunites.

Detroit gets another power play opportunity. No luck for the Wings, but GOAL for Sid shortly after they kill the penalty - SWEET (1-0, Pens)!!!

The Pens go into the third period leading with 1 and the momentum (and Orpik having ENOUGH taking it out on Zetterberg's face!)!!!

My thoughts for the period: the kid is good (Howard); MUCH better than Osgood!!

Wings - 10; Pens - 16

The Wings are on a power play a few minutes after the period starts ... Fleury made a few great saves and the first stop in play, the Red Wings get a penalty for a 4-on-4 to en Detroit's man-advantage then a little over a minute man-advantage for the Pens.

Midway through the period, Detroit scores a goal to tie it up.

We go to overtime.

Wings - 3; Pens - 2

NICE save by Fleury, but it ends in a penalty by Gonchar for a Detroit power play to end overtime with one-man advantage. But it'll be decided by a SHOOTOUT!!

PENGUINS (Letang): no goal
WINGS (Datsyuk): misses net
PENGUINS (Crosby): GOAL (up top!)!!!!! Sweet!!!
WINGS (Williams): DENIED by Fleury!!!
PENGUINS (Malkin): sneaky, sneaky GOAL for the "W"

NICE WAY to end this game with a win!!! YEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!




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