Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pens Sluggishly Lose to Sens

Fedotenko - 300th CAREER POINT

Eaton - 500th CAREER GAME
Staal - 300th CAREER GAME

Sens - 13; Pens - 11

Right off the bat, Malkin shoots a bullet to the net from a sweet pass by Nick Johnson that makes it past Elliott for a goal (1-0, Pens); coincidentally, Malkin scored the goal as Steigy and Bob were talking about him and his contributing his scoring to skating better. THAT'S the magic of Malkin right there!!! Is it me or does Nick Johnson look like he came "NHL-ready?" Fedotenko records his 300th career point assisting in Malkin's goal.

Fleury couldn't make a second save on Mike Fisher who finds the back of the net around the halfway mark of the period (tied 1-1). Shortly after, the Sens get a man-advantage. Fleury makes a few good saves to help the Pens kill the penalty without a Sens goal. Staal attempts a "shortie" just second before the Sens power play is over, but is denied by Elliott. But the Sens come back to make the score 2-1 with a rebound off of a shot made by Ruutu.

The Sens finish the period with another power play opportunity, but Kovy ruins their chances with a penalty of his on making it a 4-on-4 for the rest of the first period.

Sens - 11; Pens - 10

The Pens start off the period with a power play after Kovy interferes with Letang, but Elliott makes nice saves and it ends without the Pens cashing in. Then Crosby gets a penalty, but still no goal with a Sens' man-advantage.

Not a very productive period (I was a little bored, but meh!). Although that last play woke me up, but it would've been nice if it resulted in a goal! : (

My "I LOVE Bob" quote: "he has more good looks than anybody!" (Bob talking about Letang's chances); however some girls would agree with that statement, Bob!!

Sens - 4; Pens - 8

The Pens have a lot of good chances, but just to have the bounces going their way. Mark Eaton get plowed into the boards by Neil but is OK ... Rupp tries to engage Neil, but he doesn't want to rock the boat with his team leading. Shortly after, Sens score another goal (3-1, Sens).

Elliott became the Pens enemy early in the game, but time beomes one as well ... trailing by two points, the window of opportunity gets narrower as the clock counts down. Elliott looking the sharpest in the third.

The Pens pulled Fleury for the last minutes of the game allowing the Sens to cash in on a empty-net goal making the final score 4-1. THAT SUCKS (what more can you say?!)!!




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