Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pens Redemption: Six POINTS for Sid, a Malkin HT, and Johnson DENIES Okposo 1-2-3 Times!

who played in his 500th career game tonight
AND Evgeni Malkin
for recording his 350th career point
(AND 5th hat trick)

Pens get a man-advantage within the first minutes of the period and "Rollie the Goalie" has a BIG DISCUSSION with the ref to extend his "delay of game" penalty. Pens power play looked pretty good to start it all off.

I could tell from the start that Roloson was "on" tonight (and I actually thought they'd ride out DePietro's winning streak).

Both teams battled for most of the period, but Crosby eventually caught Roloson out of position and gets the puck past him towards the ending minutes of the game - giving the momentum to the Pens as they head into the locker room for the first intermission (1-0, Pens)

Quote of the period goes to my husband for "he's an assfuck" - referring to Steigy when I began discussing my "special warm fuzzy hatred" towards him which is a common occurrence during most Penguins games.

Again, the Pens have a power play early in the period and they look pretty good ... AWESOME SAVE by "Johnny" on a short-handed goal opportunity for Okposo. NYI get called for too many men on the ice and the Pens have a two-man advantage for 40 seconds.

MALKIN SCORED for the second straight game --- only, that was "his first legitimate goal" according to Steigy (why doesn't he shut his pie-hole?!!)!!!

Johnson makes ANOTHER SWEET SAVE on Okposo in a short-handed attempt; he gets a penalty shot on this one, but Johnson DENIES HIM YET AGAIN for a third time!!!! Gotta love it!!!

The Pens get another power play on which Guerin captialized off of an awesome pass from Crosby (3-0, Pens); shortly after that, McKee gets a penalty ... penalty kill looked good too - everything seemed to click for the Pens tonight through the first two periods.

Sutton had a nice slapper for the Islanders first goal of the game (3-1, Pens), Sid responds with another goal of his own (4-1, Pens); but NYI quickly recovers with another goal ending the period with a score of 4-2.

Bob announces that Max Talbot is injured and will not return (and I'm assuming it was Roloson's trip job that the refs failed to call a penalty on; Bob explains this was to "even-up" for the delay of game penalty called on him in the first).

My "I Love Bob" moment of the period: Bob says he misses Yeo and asks the cameraman for a shot of him behind the bench
My "I Love Bob" quote of the period: "Scott Gordon is losing his mind, he wants too many men on the ice for the Penguins"
Quote of the period again goes to my husband,

Steigy's SMART MAN word of the period: phrenetic (phre·net·ic) or frenetic - as in "the game has picked up to a phrenetic pace"

Islanders' Hunter scores right off the bat from a Penguins turnover - lousy (4-3, Pens).

Park backs into Crosby which allows him to score the tying goal at which point Crosby chirps at him from behind the bench (4-4).

Malkin makes the Islanders pay for the penalty - MAN, WHAT A NICE GOAL (5-4, Pens)!!!!! [Bob points out the fact that there's no doubt that Malkin is more comfortable on the right than the left]. And no sooner they get the lead, they have to kill a penalty -- do a pretty good job as NYI fail to score on their third power play chance.

Dupuis takes a nasty hit into the boards by Sutton and is knocked out cold for a few seconds; Sutton received a 5 minute major for boarding (and 10-minute game misconduct) giving the Pens a man-advantage for the remainder of the game but do nothing with it for the most part (it's in the Pens end as much as it's in the Islanders end) until --


My observations for this game:

  • Steigy and Bob seem to be having a lovers spat as Bob countered Steigy every chance he got with his opposing views - hilarious (LOVE IT!)!!
  • the Penguins have resolved their power play issues (for this game anyway) with Malkin being on the right point instead of the left -- HEL-LOOO!!
  • A few factors gave Pens momentum in this game, but none more so than Johnson!!
My husband's observation for this game: "it's amazing what happens when you look to where you're passing!" /end sarcasm (can you tell he hates when they do the pretty, "no-look" passes?!!)!!

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