Monday, January 18, 2010

[UPDATE] Off-Day Notes - Caputi and Lovejoy Back to WB / S

  • today marks the return of Mark Yeo who was on the ice for practice this morning; he said that the issue was with his blood pressure and that he's on medication and seems to be doing better
    “It felt great to be back out there,” said Yeo, who will be back behind the
    bench when the Penguins take on the New York Islanders Tuesday night. “It felt great coming in this morning. The guys and the entire organization – everybody’s been great through this whole thing. So, it was nice to get back with the guys and get back to work.”
  • Sunday was an off-day for the Pens and they got back to work this morning at the Mellon Arena.
  • Luca Caputi and Ben Lovejoy have been re-assigned to WB / S Baby Pens which more than likely means that Brooks Orpik is close to returning to the lineup (we'll probably see him playing tomorrow); it would appear that Talbot is back to 100%
  • Both Brent Johnson and Orpik practiced today; Fleury skated on his own prior to the Pens official practice this morning and Curry remains in Pittsburgh so I'm thinking Johnson may start and Curry would be the back-up until Fleury returns (I read reports that say he won't be ready until later this week at the earliest).

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