Friday, November 7, 2008

Ty Conklin and Rob Scuderi in SI

In the October 20th issue of Sports Illustrated, Rob Scuderi and former Penguin Ty Conklin were among four players featured in their "The Pop Culture Grid" where they answer a few questions (that I find quite interesting and amusing, so I thought I'd share them with you!):

My advice to Wall Street is
CONKLIN: "Stop losing me money"
SCUDERI: "Get something right"

Favorite thing to drink at night
CONKLIN: "I should probably say water"
SCUDERI: "Crystal Light"

_________ just cracks me up
CONKLIN: "Teammate Chris Osgood" [BARF!]
SCUDERI: "The guys" [I'm assuming he's talking about all of his Penguins teammates]

Favorite piece of clothing
CONKLIN: "My Carhartt pants" [this is reportedly a plug to a Redwings sponsor!]
SCUDERI: "My Converse sneakers"

Three people I'd love to have over for dinner
CONKLIN: "Tiger Woods, Napoleon, Martin Luther King"
SCUDERI: "Mickey Mantle, Denis Potvin, Bryan Trottier"


Life_As_A_Redhead said...

(laughing) Chris Osgood = Dumb Blond, personafide.

(more laughter) and he's wholy overrated as a goalie, too. I could put up similar #s with that defense in front of me.

He's still kinda cute, though (don't hurt me Stepahanie)

Lauren said...

hahaha Napoleon...I can just picture that.

Nulpher said...

"_________ just cracks me up
CONKLIN: "Teammate Chris Osgood" [BARF!]"

To give Conk credit, I think he's cracked up at how crappy Osgood is. He's cracking up because he knows that Babcock is going to get sick of Osgood and make Conklin the starter.