Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pre-Game Updates

LIVE STREAM of tonight's game
also, if you're interested
Pittsburgh Steelers game (CLICK HERE)!!

Fleury is still out of the lineup tonight and it's been reported that he may not return for Saturday's game even after Coach Therrien was optimistic about it earlier in the week. His status remains day-to-day and his injury is thought to be lower body (I've heard things from groin to "his other" ankle [than the one he injured last season] , but that's the way this new "undisclosed injury" policy plays out these days - IT SUCKS)!!!

Sabourin will again start in goal for the Penguins tonight against the Atlanta Thrashers (and Curry remains his back-up). Sabourin has been a solid goaltender for the Penguins these past few games (actually, each game he has been called upon this season), so there's really no concern here. He is 3-1-1 with a .945 save percentage so far this season.

It was reported that Malkin left practice early this morning and was not available to the media afterwards; however, he is not expected to miss tonight's game (so I HAVE NO IDEA why they're reporting this just thought I'd pass along the information to you in case you're interested)!!

SOME BENCHMARKS TO WATCH FOR message board ADMIN was nice enough to remind fans about a few benchmarks that players are close to but haven't yet reached:
  • Rob Scuderi needs two penalty minutes to reach 100 in his career
  • Petr Sykora needs four power-play goals to reach 100 in his career
  • Pascal Dupuis is nine assists shy of reaching 100 in his career
  • [NEW PLAYER BENCHMARK] Philippe Boucher is nine goals shy of reaching 100 for his career

Yes - tonight John and I will be freezing our asses off at the Steelers / Bengals game instead of sitting in the living room of our warm house flipping back and forth between the Pens and Steelers -- what was I thinking (I remember now, Thursday-Night game)!!!! Anyway, we won't be home until WAY LATE tonight which is why there won't be a game summary or otherwise (I'll be lucky if I'm able to write a post or two for tomorrow, but here's to hoping!!)!!!


Lauren said...

I'm going to the game on Saturday (!!!!!!!!) and as much as I love Dany, I'm going to be super disappointing if I don't get to see Flower play :/ I really hope this super-mysterious injury heals soon!

Lauren said...

And have fun at the game tonight! I have some friends that are going to be there too :)

And don't plan on feeling your toes until like Saturday. After the Steelers-Chargers game, I don't think I really got warmed back up until Tuesday!