Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Malkin Injury Update

Last Saturday during the 1st period of play against the NY Islanders, Evgeni Malkin took a puck to the hand by a slap shot by Islander's Andy Sutton and was late returning for the 2nd period (but it was still referred to as an "undisclosed injury").

Malkin announced today in an interview that he is OK and will play tonight against the Detroit Redwings.
"It hurt the whole game," Malkin said. "But a couple of pills, and it's good."
“It’s good,” he said of the injury. “It’s not broke, not a problem. The doctor gave me a couple pills,” Malkin joked. “I’m good, I go back (in).”


71crush said...

Oh good, its not broken. Was this in the paper? :)

Life_As_A_Redhead said...

I am HUGELY releaved. We really need him against the Wangs.

swissmiss said...

not only relieved, but so excited at his full-lengthe english interview! luv 'em.

Don said...

I don't know about you...but he didn't look like his hand hurt at all last night. Granted, that frozen puck careening at you at 90mph has to hurt, but if you saw the close up of his hand that night, while he was on the bench, his thumb nail looked like he had hit it with a hammer. Not broken...just sore as crap! Best Game this year so far! GO PENS!

Stephanie said...

@ don - yes, I did see his hand when they showed a close-up of it on the bench and I thought to myself, his hand is swollen up like a balloon - this isn't good and no, it didn't look like it phased him a bit last night (good thing)!!!

AGREED - it was the best game this year so far (and probably the best in the league)!!

THANKS for posting a comment!!