Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Godard Is Impressed with Crosby and Happy to be in Pittsburgh

Eric Godard is one of the newer members of the Pittsburgh Penguins. He is a native of Vernon, BC, Canada and I recently came across an article about him in the Vernon Morning Star.

The article talks about a number of things, the first being Alexander Semin's remarks about Sidney Crosby.
“I never really heard exactly what he (Semin) said, but I know (coach Michel) Therrien came out and said something,” said Godard.

“What more can he do? He won the scoring title when he was 19, and he led them to the Stanley Cup finals last year.

“He’s a good guy, and on the ice, the guy works hard. He just works and works. He never takes a shift off.”
And goes on to talk about how Godard has quickly replaced Georges Laraque as the fans' favorite enforcer.
“It’s been pretty good,” said Godard. “Everybody made me feel welcome. It’s a good group and the fans are great. It’s almost like a Canadian market. The fans are very knowledgeable and hockey is covered very well. We cut into football’s press a lot.”
It also makes mention of his being in six fights so far this season including the most recent one against Edmonton Oiler Steve MacIntyre saying that it was one of those "you wanna go?" kind of fights.

“I guess I broke his orbital bone,” said Godard, who in true enforcer code, doesn’t like to see his opponents get injured.
To read the entire article, visit the Vernon Morning Star.

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