Friday, November 21, 2008

Sabourin in Net for Penguins on Saturday

Coach Michel Therrien told the media yesterday that he "would be surprised" if Marc-Andre Fleury played in the game tomorrow against the Vancouver Canucks.

Fleury did not travel with the Penguins to Atlanta for their game yesterday.

I keep reading mixed reports. Fleury continues to tell the press that the trainers are being overly cautious but I think missing this many games is a little more than just being overly cautious! The injury is speculated to be a number of things but the two most prevalent have been a lower body injury (groin) and ankle (not the same one he injured last season).

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Lauren said...


They keep saying his injury isn't serious, but I'm not so convinced anymore...

In other news, the Canucks gave Luongo a rest last night and he didn't play. I really hope this was just a one game rest because I will be majorly disappointed if BOTH of my favorite goalies are out of the lineup when I'm at the game on Saturday :(

I love Dany and all, but MAF is my boy...