Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pierre "Fee-Fee" Maquire Thinks the Pens are "Boys"

From the message board:

I wasn't watching the Pens game, being without TSN 2 up here, I was watching OTT vs MTL.

They broke for a highlight from Detroit, when the Wings scored to make it 5-2.

When they came back Pierre Maguire said "thats men playing against boys, it was like that in the Finals, and its like that now."

I wish I could somehow ram this down his throat.. Piece of feces that guy is.

This is the very reason I call Pierre Maguire "Fee-Fee" all the time - he's annoying. I wonder what it's like NOW that the Pens came back to win this game, "Fee-Fee." The Redwings don't look like such big men after all, do they?! They TANKED (and Osgood proved he's a joke when his defense sucks) and I guess that means that Pittsburgh transformed themselves from "boys to men" in a matter of a game period.

To all of you, including some of the Pens fans, who are wondering what the big deal about this game was - saying that it means nothing, I beg to differ because THIS is exactly what that game was about:

The Pens gaining some respect after last season's SCF loss and proving to themselves and everyone else that they are a top team and can hang with the "big boys!"

So BITE ME, Maquire!!


71crush said...

OMG I cant tell you how much more I hate Pierre after that comment. I hated him already but that is outrageous.

This game was VERY important to the Pens, they proved they can beat the Redwings when they are down 3, away from home, with some of their best men injured. HUGE mental hurdle.

I have been walking around with a smile on my face all day. thanks, Pens. :D

Life_As_A_Redhead said...

Maquire must not be "gettin" any, because that game was like REALLY good sex.

I'll be walkin around with a goofy grin, for a week. And I didn't even get to watch it (the game, just for clairification purposes)!!!

And I totally agree w/ 71crush, on the Mental hurdle thing!!! She's exactly right.

Anonymous said...

you have confirmation that he actually said that?

relying on a message board poster can be dangerous

Rage said...

It's true, he said it, and it has been referenced by news print. Pierre is my penis...except uglier.