Sunday, November 16, 2008


According to, late Saturday evening the Penguins acquired Dallas Stars defenseman, Philippe Boucher in return for defenseman Darryl Sydor.

How odd is it that Sydor was interviewed by Paul Steigerwald and Bob Errey during the game last night? I would assume he knew about the transaction. I really like Sydor and he has been a great asset to the Penguins over these last few games and it's a shame that he's had to sit as a healthy scratch these past two games. He has always remained professional and a wonderful mentor for the young defensemen on the team which he discussed with Errey and Steigy during his interview. I am hoping that this allows Sydor to see the playing time he deserves besides the fact that he returns to a team that he spent a majority of his career playing on.

From what I read, Boucher is a great defenseman and will be a great addition to the Penguins.

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71crush said...

I will miss Sydor. He seemed like a nice guy and was a great mentor like you said. I hope he is happy with the trade.

Do you always have a stream for the game? My tv died last night and I was frantic for awhile until I found a stream. I didnt realize you had a link here. Next time I will remember!! :D