Monday, November 24, 2008

Nothing New on Fleury

There' hasn't been any word on Pittsburgh goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury since Saturday when the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported that he remains "day-to-day" with an undisclosed injury. He missed practice on Friday at the IceoPlex and missed the past three games.

The longer this continues, the more grim the injury appears without even knowing what it is. Missing this much practice and being out of the lineup for these many games the more it appears that Fleury's injury has gone beyond "cautious" as he himself told the media the trainers were being and now appears to be more serious than they once led on it was.

This could be one of the downfalls to the organization using the "undisclosed injury" policy; the less that is released and the more everyone tries to make it appear less serious than it really is, the more they will have to continue to talk about it and change the story, so maybe this "undisclosed" business isn't all it's cracked up to be. Just tell us what it is and how long he'll be out and it'll be over with; no one will have to continue talking about it because it will be old news after that and we'll all have moved on to the next thing!

"We don't know right now how long Marc-Andre will be out," coach Michel Therrien said. "(Sabourin) is definitely playing really well. He's very sharp. He's square to the puck. He gives us a chance to win hockey games, and that's what you're looking for from your goaltender."


teri springer said...

I find it rather irritating (that's not the word I want but I am still too stuffed up to think straight so it will have to do) that I see MAF walking around, smiling and joking like nothing is the matter. Now, it still could be a groin (I tore that muscle in a riding accident and it only really hurt the first 24 hours or if I tried to move faster than a walk) but it just seems strange to see him acting all "normal" but he's too hurt to even skate.

It's gotta be a groin.


gilld22 said...

I am rather worried about MAF and hate the undisclosed injury policy, I always end up thinking the worst.

Fingers crossed he is back soon, he is so good at what he does.