Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Pens and I LOVE the Olive Garden!

This is a cell shot taken when a few of the Penguins players were spotted at the Olive Garden in Greentree (found it on

That's Godard, Kennedy, Goligoski, Sydor / Talbot (haven't been able to confirm which-the pic is a bit fuzzy), and Staal (along with two others they aren't in the picture, but have not been "identified"). It's been reported that a lot of the Pens like to frequent the Olive Garden (at various locations).

TSCSF REQUEST: if any of my readers have ever had any Penguins "sightings" out-and-about, I would be interested in hearing from you and see the pics, if you have any - with the hopes of posting them here for others to enjoy as well!!

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Lauren said...

I LOVE the Olive Garden! I'm not sure what I would do if I ever walked in and saw any of the Pens sitting there!

Seeing this picture reminds me that I should take my camera EVERYwhere I go from now on - you never know who you might bump into! :)