Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hearing from Boucher and Sydor

Over the past few days since the recent trade between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Dallas Stars, all the news and information have come from third-parties so it's always interesting to hear from the players themselves. The Penguins webpage and a Dallas Stars blog have Darryl Sydor's and Philippe Boucher's reactions to the trade.


"I didn't want to leave," he said. "I have a lot of roots there, and we love Dallas. It is just dream come true to be able to put that jersey back on. I think the reason why was a cap issue. That's the way it is; it's the way the system works. There are no hard feelings. I'm very excited to be back."

"Dallas was my first choice. Obviously I've spent a lot of time there. This is somewhat similar to what (then Lightning GM) Jay Feaster did for me at Tampa Bay," Sydor said. "Once again, (Penguins GM) Ray Shero - I have to say thank you to him because it makes for an easier transition. He has been a total professional in all of this. I've been very fortunate. I'm also very excited."

"I felt really good in Detroit the other night and got to play a few more minutes," Sydor said. "I believe I can play. I think I showed it last year when I sat for so long and got thrown into the Stanley Cup Final. I have positive thoughts that I can still play this game for many more years."

"Being 36, some people might say your skills have diminished, but I think I bring experience and intangibles," Sydor added. "I feel I can play."

I'm thrilled for Sydor and couldn't be happier for him even though I am upset he had to leave (which is usually the case when we lose any player from the team)! I always felt badly when he had to sit out of the lineup and it was only due to the great depth the Penguins have on this team (specifically in his case, on defense) and I never felt it was a reflection of his level of play. For the last few games he played for the Pens, he was an excellent asset that helped lead them to wins; not to mention a great mentor / role model for the younger players which make up a majority of the team. He has always been professional and, even now, after being traded, continues to act like anything less (referring to his giving thanks to GM Ray Shero). I wish Sydor the best in Dallas and believe he will get the ice time he has wanted and deserved while playing for the Penguins. He now has a chance to retire with a team that he feels very close to / fond of.


“I’m excited to join the Penguins and bring something to the team,” Boucher said. “It’s been a pretty crazy couple of days. I found out this morning. It’s always hard to leave a team you’ve been playing for but if you have to leave, there’s no better place to go than Pittsburgh.”

"It's never easy to leave a place where it's like your family. I thought I would retire here,'' Boucher said. "But this is a good opportunity, and I understand the business of the game. The team I'm going to is a good team.''

"I think I have a lot of years left,'' he said. "You never know how these things are going to work out, but I'm going to go there and play as hard as I can, and see what happens. It's a challenge, that's how I'm looking at it."
I'm not sure why yet, but I am very excited that the Penguins acquired Boucher. I think it's because all of the good things I've read about him. And I believe that even though Sydor didn't get alot of ice time, Boucher will see alot more because it wouldn't make sense to acquire a player and sit him. I'm thinking this will be at Eaton's expense. I also believe that even though Boucher wasn't playing up to his potential in Dallas that the Penguins may be the right fit or at least be a new beginning he needs. Hopefully he will thrive here


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