Friday, November 21, 2008

Whitney Could Practice with Team Today

[UPDATE] the Penguins webpage reported that Ryan Whitney did, in fact, practice with the team for the first time today.

“It’s pretty cool to think about being back with them,” Whitney told the Penguins’ official website on Thursday. “Just being out there at the beginning, skating around, the stretch in the middle – that’s where you’re talking to guys. You give each other crap here and there when you make a bad play. It’s the little things you miss when you’re not with the team.”
Although Whitney continues to stress that there's no set time for his return into the lineup, he did give an estimate today:
“I haven’t set a return game or return date,” Whitney said. “Once I’m practicing full time, in two to three weeks I should be ready to play a game. You should really have your timing back and have solid practices before you’re playing again.“The rehab continues. I’m by no means done with that. There’s a lot left to do there. It’s been tough but it’s something that needed to be done.”

Ryan Whitney could practice today with the team at the Iceoplex, but whether or not he practices, he plans to take part Monday which is the Penguins next scheduled off-day practice.

According to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review,

He will work only specific drills for about a week upon his return, including a "flow drill" that focuses on puck movement by defensemen. There remains no set date for his return to the lineup, but Whitney told the Tribune-Review last week that a comeback in early December was possible.

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Lauren said...

YAY!!! It's been so weird this season without Whit and Gonchar, so it's great to see Whit getting back out there! :)