Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pre-Game News

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[UPDATE] I just checked the Flyers webpage and they announced that Briere will be out of tonight's lineup.

Wednesday, November 12 - The Philadelphia Flyers held an afternoon skate today at Mellon Arena, where they will play the Pittsburgh Penguins on Thursday night (7:30 p.m., Comcast SportsNet). Earlier in the day it was announced that center Danny Briere will be out of action for the next five-to-seven days due toa slight left groin strain.

Scuderi took part in the morning skate today, but whether or not he'll play will be a "game-time decision."

"He looked good this morning but we don't want to take any chances," head coach Michel Therrien said. "We'll make a decision after warm up, but I thought he looked pretty good."

"It's kind of an ongoing decision right now," Scuderi said of his playing status. "It's still a little sore. It felt OK for the skate but I'll talk to the trainers and see how they feel. The trainers feel it's nothing serious. But if you're not able to perform at this level, we have another guy that could easily come in and do a good job."

Of course Scuderi wants to play tonight, but was reported to have said if he's not capable of playing at his level (not at 100%) then he'd rather not put the team at risk and understands there are seven other capable players to fill in for him. However, he seems quite optimistic about his being in the lineup for tonight's game against Philadelphia.

"(I'm) very sure," Scuderi said of playing Saturday. "I'm not a medical guy so I can't put a percentage number on it but I would be very surprised if I miss more
than just tonight, even if tonight."

Although he is currently a forward, Bissonette started out and played on WB / S as a defensemen which is why he'll be the one called upon tonight should Scuderi be out of the lineup against the Flyers. He practiced a bit alongside Darryl Sydor this morning. This one of the reasons, his versatility, he made the Penguins roster this season.

"I think that was all part of keeping me here," Bissonnette said. "(Wednesday) and (Thursday) I played on D just to give (Scuderi) a rest. I like it because it keeps me diverse. Who knows, maybe one day I'll go back to D. It's just nice to keep up."

Yes - I get to go to the game tonight again; I realize how lucky I am (and it's against the Flyers, no less)!! However, I'll be taking my mom along with me since John is fighting off a cold (his LOSS!)!! Which means that I probably won't have my typical game summary posted tonight, but will hopefully have more good pictures to show you guys!!


Rage said...

I'd love to see Bissonnette play for the Pens long-term. What a great story. I just hope he's working hard to develop some kind of game rather than relying solely on his pugilistic skills. That said, I hope he kicks somebody's ass tonite.

Eric K said...

Have fun at the game! I'm going on Tuesday and Saturday next week, which seemed like they would never come when I bought the tickets when they went on sale.

Hopefully you get to see a usual Philly ass-kicking.