Friday, November 21, 2008

RESPECT the Penguin [AND What it Stands For]!!

Some joke reporter (who isn't even worth my mentioning his name in this post) did a piece on his thinking the Pittsburgh Penguins tradition of not walking on the Penguin logo in the locker room is something to mock.
Here's [the most obnoxious] part of the article:

"So I'm in the Penguins locker room, which is about the size of a port-a-potty, and get chastised for stepping on the logo in the carpet. Some equipment guy or PR flak comes up to me and says, 'Can you please not step on the Penguin?'

"Well, if it's alive I'll try not to step on the penguin. Or was some symbol representing something more important than a sports team.

"Are you kidding me? Wow."
Are you kidding me that you're a serious hockey reporter?!! Maybe he should've been asked, "can you please not be a total jackass" then?

And who is this guy to mock a team's tradition or what they choose to hold meaning for them regardless of what it is or where it's at?? It's the idea behind it -- they choose the team's logo on the carpet in the locker room as a way of showing respect to their team, teammates, organization, history, past players, and everything else that's part of the Pittsburgh Penguins with this lone symbol that just happens to be placed on the floor! The last time I checked, the locker room was for the players anyway and NOT reporters or anyone else (they're guests)!

Here's another point - the man asked him politely not to step on it; he did not yell, scream, throw punches, or throw his ass out of the room, so I'm not sure why he's making such a fuss! Here's something that may be a little easier for him to grasp (and alot of us to relate to) -- if I go to someone's house and they ask me politely to take off my shoes, do I argue with them or talk about them with my other friends about what a joke I think their rule is? No - it's out of common courtesy and respect for whoever's house it is that I take my shoes off without a problem! So why is this so different? He's a reporter covering hockey, so he should respect the sport, the team and it's players - PERIOD!!

Besides, if you want to be dumb enough to continue walking on the logo in a room of men who are much taller and carry more weight and muscle then you go right ahead, but I see that this guy chose to make a stink after he was out of the locker room (I wonder if he said anything about it while he was there?!)!!!

He's just lucky he didn't get fined the $100 that EVERYONE ELSE gets when this tradition is overlooked (did someone tell him that?) because they usually don't let you off the hook from what I've been told -- whether you're IGNORANT or not!!! And he's also lucky that Max Talbot didn't catch him because from some of the comments I read on this article, he wasn't too nice about the reporters doing the same thing during playoffs last season.

ASS-MUNCH (tell me again why this guy covers hockey!)!!


Lauren said...

What a tool.

Life_As_A_Redhead said...

I'll bet that when he's invited to someones house for a meal, he walks on the table, eats with his fingers and chews with his mouth open.

I'd throw him bodily out of my house, for the type of disrespect he's showing IN THIS ARTICLE!!!.

(he could MAYBE be excused for the stepping, if he didn't know in advance. BUT he's just being a buttwipe in that article.)