Saturday, November 15, 2008


[UPDATE] It seems that the Fan Feedback Form only allows for 512 characters (which isn't that many), so I've been searching all day for a direct way to contact the NHL. I just sent the e-mail, so there's no way of knowing if this is legitimate or not (but it was postd by a Top Contributor on "Yahoo! Answers," so it's worth a shot)!! As of 1:00 PM, I have yet to receive a returned e-mail (or response).

If the form isn't long enough for your comment to them, try sending a message to the following e-mail:

So the voting controversy has been exposed and is obviously aware of it (they recently put up a verification system in place that must be completed before your vote can be submitted and counted); however, they're not certain as to what they will do with the votes this far. Until this is corrected / resolved, I believe there's still a problem here!

THANKS TO 71crush FOR BRINGING THE ARTICLE, Habs boosted by suspicious all-star voting, TO TSCSF'S ATTENTION!!

Honestly, as far as I'm concerned, none of these votes are legitimate and should therefore not be counted. The voting should start over from square one with every player given an even playing field and eliminate any advantages up to this point!! How fair is it for them to include the votes that were already submitted when they're aware there was voting fraud?

And how I see it is if they don't correct this and start the voting over again, this entire All-Star event will become a joke!

My plea to you, Pens Nation, is to send the NHL a message loud and clear -- we may not be taken seriously if just one or a few of us send a message, but they'll have no other choice but to listen if we unite and let them know what an injustice this is and how this would totally cast a shadow on this event as well as the organization's credibility!

Support our Pens by not only voting for them, but also by speaking your mind and taking a stand for what's right (and fair).

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71crush said...

You're welcome. :D
I just sent in a complaint to the NHL!!