Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Plan to Fork Out More Cash to See Sid Against Ovehkin in DC

According to Sean of "Sean's Ramblings," the Washington Capitals have hiked up prices on the more popular games on their schedule this year (calling them "premium" games) which includes those against the Pittsburgh Penguins (imagine that!).

According to Sean, he has purchased tickets to Capitals games against the Penguins for the past several years and was able to purchase group tickets at a discount but quickly found out that it has been changed for this season. Premium games will cost you an additional $15 per ticket and the only way to purchase group tickets to these games is to purchase tickets to non-premium games.

Although I feel Sean's pain (because it appears that everyone is cashing in on winning teams these days), it ends when he says that he previously paid $20 for tickets (and now has to pay $65 for 2 games). I consider myself lucky to purchase Penguins tickets for $65 (and that's for Level D)! And if you're not a card-carrying student, you can forget about paying $20 for tickets! Consider yourself lucky, Sean (and enjoy it while it lasts) because there may be a time in the near future when you'll wish you could pay $65 per ticket because you can't get your hands on them at all (I think those days for Pens fans are long over)!

Penguins fans are in the same boat - maybe not the exact situation, but unless you're on the season ticket waiting list, you can forget buying a 6-pack mini-plan (which was available to everyone last year). It's just the nature of the beast and the cycle of any sports team, I can bet.

So, Sean, I can sympathize with you to a point; but you're in good company (you may want to make friends with some of the Pittsburgh fans so you can get enough people for the group rate)!

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Life_As_A_Redhead said...

Hey, you gotta pay to play. And Sid vs. Alex is DEFINATLY worth paying for. (at least it should be, barring wierdness, disaster, etc.)

Try checking for military/civil service (fire, law enforcment) discounts, in addition to students. And if they don't offer those you should ask them to start anyway.