Thursday, August 21, 2008

Not Just ANOTHER Sidney Crosby Article! has this AWESOME article about Sidney Crosby that was posted back in June (around SCF) and I somehow missed it, so if you already know about it, I apologize and just move on to the next post!

This is actually the first time I came across it and it was a find for me during this extremely boring off-season (Can you tell I'm missing my Pens? My posts seem to be getting longer and longer). Anyway, it's even more of a thrill for me because it covers normal, everyday things about Sid that you probably don't know and if you don't know me, let me explain that this is the kind of stuff I LOVE coming across (on Sid or any other player). I am extremely interested in seeing the "human" side of players just to remind myself of the fact that they're "just like us" - well, almost.

I'll give you a short list as a "tease" so you can enjoy reading the article for yourself like I did!!

10 Things You Didn't Know About Sid "the Kid"

  1. one of his nicknames in the locker room is "Creature"
  2. Sid can fight
  3. he's superstitious
  4. he may be moving
  5. he's no health-food freak
  6. Sid understands the media
  7. he's not always the "quiet" leader
  8. he loves to "kill bad guys" (OK - I really can't let this one stand on it's own; it's in reference to video games)
  9. he does anything to win because he hates losing
  10. "this is the most important game of Sid's life" [making reference to the must-win game against the Detroit Redwings on June 4th - the article was posted June 2nd]
HOCKEY for the Ladies (for the female perspective of this article -- you didn't think I was going to let this one go by without commenting on it, did you?!!)

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