Friday, August 22, 2008

Pens 6-Pack Mini Plans

I had a very pleasant surprise waiting for me when I got home from work today (as I'm sure some of you did too) - a letter from the Pittsburgh Penguins with information about the upcoming 6-pack mini plan sale on September 4th. I am SO EXCITED!!

They're doing alot of things different this year. Not only are they offering the mini plans to members of the season ticket waiting list only, they have also taken away the flexibility of choosing which 6 games you go to. They used to give you a list of games in 3 columns and allowed you to choose 2 games from each column; but this year, you're given a choice of 6 "packages" of 6 pre-chosen games and each list member can purchase up to the limit of (3) 6-pack packages.

One of the VERY FIRST things I noticed was that none of the packages included the game against Detroit which is a bummer, but we'll have a chance to get tickets to that game during the individual ticket sale on Saturday, September 20th. The only other thing is the promotion schedule and having the opportunity to go to some of the promotional games (I'm a big collector)! I'm wondering how that will work (and I would think that there would be at least one promotion included in each of the 6 packages). But honestly, I'm just happy to have a chance to purchase a 6-pack!

Tickets for pre-season games will go on sale Wednesday, September 3rd (no time given).

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Life_As_A_Redhead said...

[Green With Envy] At least you live close enough to "somwhere" you get to go to game[s] plural. [Still Green With Envy].