Thursday, August 28, 2008

It "Looks" Like the Philadelphia Flyers have a NEW Profession!!

Here is a recent screenshot taken from the Philadelphia Flyers WIKI page by the blogger of "Out of Left Field:"

Still not seeing what the big deal is (or maybe thinking you're not seeing it correctly)? Here's a CLOSER look at it (read carefully):

YES - it DOES say that!! Yes, I know, I found it quite amusing myself!

It appears that someone sabotaged the Philadelphia Flyers WIKI page which is an amazing feat considering how stringently they police the site (or maybe we should credit the blogger for getting the screenshot at just the right time) -- regardless, it's simply BRILLIANT!! This has already made YAHOO!'s Puck Daddy news, so I can see this being something that'll end up all around the internet shortly!!

A comment on the blog site about this post reports that the IP address from where the edits were made came from Toronto. I don't know alot about that side of computers / the internet, but I thought it was interesting! Supposedly, the screen was only up for a minute but I tend to agree with the blogger who is doubtful that he was that quick with spotting the page if it was only up for a minute.

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Life_As_A_Redhead said...

LMAO... I wish I had thought of it first. Alas, my butt would probably be nailed to a wall if I tried somthing like this. They should have spelled it with a "ph" so It would match Philadelphia. Ha.

The only redeming thing about the flyers is Marty Brion. He's a sweetheart, if a little wierd but since he's a goalie we'll over look that. Besides, those eyes... *shivers*