Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pre-Game News

LIVE STREAM of tonight's game!

Since I last posted news, the weather here has turned for the worse and it seems best not to try and make the trip to Pittsburgh (UGH!). But, you know, this means that the Pens will have an awesome game complete with a Thrashers ass-kicking and one of the Pens having a hat trick -- SO, if this is the case, you [and the Pens] can thank me tomorrow (I already have John agreeing to buy tickets to another game if this happens and he even gave me the benefit of excluding the hat trick).


Fleury is expected to start in goal tonight for the Penguins against the Altanta Thrashers.

Kennedy will get another shot on the top line with Sid and Dupuis. Therrien told reporters,
"we want to give a good chance to see if that line is going to be successful."

and [he] applied the same logic to using Kennedy up front with Crosby and Malkin on the No. 1 power-play unit, which had Kris Letang and Ryan Whitney on the points.
Therrien is opposed to any type of major changes in the players. And believes that a change in lines will provide the spark they need.
"You can't forget that we had the best start in franchise history, and that was with this group," Therrien said. "We trust those players. This is a good group, good people to work with.

"We're struggling a little bit right now, but we're going to get out of this. ... Every team has ups and downs over the course of the season. Ours is a bit longer than expected, but we've been through those things before."
I expect the lines to remain as they were last night against the Rangers. What I am hoping for is that the Penguins have had enough and are going to come out with a vengeance (at some point, maybe not this game) and that team will have HELL to pay! They only need one good win to start building their confidence back - it HAS to start SOMEWHERE!!


Lauren said...

Sorry to hear your plans got changed...but I hear there's supposed to be freezing rain and all that fun stuff, so I'd rather you stay safe than sorry...


As much as I still love and miss Colby dearly (and Crusher too) and I hate to see them get their butts kicked, we need a WIN! We've been playing so poorly lately, I feel like tonight's just got to be some sort of goal-scoring explosion!

Black n Gold said...

I think you could be prohibited from attending games, at least until we are winning constantly! jk, hope you enjoyed the game!

Stephanie said...

@Lauren - THANKS! And I just have to remember that there will be other games even though this SUCKS!!

@BnG - I hate to say it but I just may have to consider (I am a hockey fan and we are superstitious, aren't we?!); my husband actually said the same thing while we were watching at home!

THANKS for posting your comments, guys!!