Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Who Else is Surprised By This?

This scrap was freaking awesome -- seeing Fedotenko throw down with Colby even though it only took one shot - and down he goes!! Everytime I watch it, I have the same reaction -- "OOH, right on the button!" Whitney said Colby has a snout that would hurt anybody's hand!!

But aside from all of that - who knew Fedotenko had it in him? I surely didn't, but it was a very pleasant surprise!!

[As a side note and speaking of fights, how sweet is it that Godard doesn't have to even drop the gloves but can simply skate over to a player to keep him in line? AWESOME!!] -- did anyone else catch this last night?


Life_As_A_Redhead said...

Not surprised, IMPRESSED!!!

In RE: Godard -

[blinks eyes in amazement] Damn, that is so AWESOME!!! Just the threat of a fight. Not even a real fight.

I hope that doesn't make the other team pick on the rest of the players.

and I SO hope Tenks hand isn't broken. [crosses fingers]

Lori said...

Apparently the arena got pretty fiesty when that dude wouldn't fight Godard. I love that people are scared of him.

Lizzybeth8771 said...

A lot of people around me booed when the guy wouldn't fight Godard! I love Godard and think that its great that other players are afraid to go at it with him!

August Dupin said...

Fed o frickin tenko.

Is it safe to say that he has been the only pleasant surprise of the last six weeks?

The man-crush that this city has for Colby Armstrong has never made sense to me. He's marginally servicable on the ice, but that doesn't explain why children WEPT when he was traded (including Rob Rossi)

Fedotenko, of all people (a newbie with the Pens; a carpetbagger!) dropped him like a dollar bill on the stage of a strip club.

Other great moments in getting schooled..

A) Roberto Duran "No mas"
B) Tully Blanchard "I quit"
C) Darth Mull "Urk"
D) Colby Armstrong (wait.. what is the sound a dolt makes when someone breaks their hand on your face?)